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Should I join an airsoft team, or create my own team?


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    In most areas, many people want to play airsoft. Airsoft is a game that rewards coordinating with your fellow players to accomplish the objective, and that is made easier if you have a group of guys that you play with on a regular basis. Creating and managing a team or any group takes a lot of effort. You now have to deal with the personalities of individuals, as well as the personality of the group. There is no definitive answer to whether you should join or start a team, but I can share some advice to definitely help with your decision. First, you need to evaluate yourself as a player and look for other players that are like minded. Next, you need to ask yourself what you want from a team. This is probably the most significant task, because it will reveal whether a team with your same values is in your area and taking new members, or no team is available and you will need to create your own. The most important aspect of a team is that each team member works well together. At the end of the day, your gear, guns, or uniform doesn’t matter if you cannot cooperatively achieve an objective together. So before you decide on a team uniform or call signs, play together often and learn one another’s idiosyncrasies. Once you start working as a smooth team, then you can start working out the small details to look like a team. Many players make the mistake of looking good before performing well.


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