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What airsoft pistol should I buy?


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    The type of pistol you should get often comes down to your level of experience, budget, and purpose. Cheap spring-powered pistols are great for beginners who have a small budget. The next level up is gas powered pistols. Green gas and Co2 powered pistols can fire at a much higher FPS than spring-powered pistols, and are often the gun of choice for most players who decide to carry a secondary gun. You should also consider the purpose of using a pistol. Do you play primarily indoors? If yes, a pistol may be your primary gun. Many snipers and support gunners also carry a pistol because those guns shoot at a higher velocity than a normal airsoft rifle. So engagement distances for sniper rifles and machine guns are much larger. So a pistol is needed for close up engagements. Finally, you should choose a pistol that offers a common holster, as well as spare magazines availability. Nothing is worse than buying a cool pistol and not being able to find a holster or spare magazines for it.


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