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What airsoft BB should I use?


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    The most important fact to know is that whatever you do, don’t buy inexpensive .12g non-major brand BBs that you find at any sporting goods store! These BBs are not perfectly spherical, and they have raised seems that will tear your hop-up bucking. The normal rule of thumb is simple to follow. Use 0.20g BBs for spring powered guns with low velocity. 0.25g BBs are recommended for gas pistols and indoor/CQB play. Engagement distances indoors are so short that using a heavyweight BB will not affect trajectory or accuracy. Playing outdoors with unmodified airsoft electric rifles is best for 0.28g ~ 0.30g BBs. This mid-weight BB improves accuracy and increases length of flight for outdoor play. Upgraded electric rifles, as well as HPA rifles, should use 0.32g BBs. Due to the higher velocity these rifles produce plus Joule creep, a heavier weight is needed to maintain performance. Upgraded spring powered airsoft sniper rifles should use 0.40g ~ 0.50g BBs. These rifles are tuned to shoot twice as far as electric rifles and require a much heavier BB to maintain their flight path.


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