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What airsoft battery should I use?


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    Choosing an airsoft battery may seem confusing because of the many options available, but it's important to keep a few things in mind when making the final decision. The type of battery you choose will be heavily influenced by the model/style of the airsoft gun you have. Battery compartment space and location is very important to keep in mind. Whether your AEG rifle is rear wired to the stock, or wired to the front, will determine the overall space you have to fit a battery into your AEG. The most common airsoft battery is a NiMh battery. These are typically brick or nunchuck style. The can be completely drained without damage to the cells, but their hard metal case and shape limit their use of space. So they typically need a lot of storage space found inside a full-sized buttstock, or crane stock. Lithium batteries (aka “Lipos”) may be the most popular among airsoft players as the configuration is lightweight and available in many shapes. They are most commonly sold in 7.4v and 11.1v options. LiPo batteries distribute high energy density during the first trigger pull, so they are highly preferred when semi-only play is enforced. LiPo batteries are also compact and can be shaped into different sizes to fit smaller battery compartments, such as buffer tubes and PEQ boxes. Since LiPo batteries produce higher energy density than a NiMh battery, a mosfet circuit board is highly recommended to regulate voltage flow and timing.


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