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Do Lipo batteries cause fires?


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    Lithium batteries are compact, lightweight batteries that hold considerable charge and fare well under constant discharge-recharge conditions. Lipo battery components are designed to be lightweight, which translates into thin partitions between cells and a thin outer covering. The partitions or coating are fairly fragile, so they can be punctured. If the battery is damaged, a short occurs. This spark can ignite the highly reactive lithium. Charging a lithium with an incorrect charger can also cause a Lipo battery to “puff” or catch fire. This is a common occurrence among new airsoft enthusiasts because they use a NiMh charger to charge a lithium battery. To lower the risk of fires and protect yourselves and property, all lithium batteries should be charged inside a Lipo Safety Sack. These safety sacks help keep the smoke, flames, and gases inside the bag in the event of a battery fire. A Lipo safety sack will not 100% prevent damage or injury. It is designed to contain and minimize the hazards greatly. Lipo safety sacks are also recommended to store your lithium batteries as well.


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