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What accessories should I get for my airsoft gun?


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    Everyone has a different style and preference, but here are a few suggestions of accessories to get you started. Extra magazines are always a must. Skirmishes can be very fast paced, and sometimes there is little time between for filling BBs into the one magazine you brought with you. You will also need a speed loader if you have mid-cap or low-cap magazines. And if you have spare magazines, you will need a way to carry them. Whether you use a tactical vest, or magazine pouches, you will need a carry system to allow for fast transition between an empty magazine and a full one. An optic may seem like an unnecessary upgrade, but aiming through a red dot sight is much easier and faster than using iron flip-up sights. Finally, you should always have a spare battery handy. It is very unlikely for a fully charged battery to fully discharge in a single day of play, but you never know how many BBs you may shoot at any given game.


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