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What marker should I buy?



    There are so many paintball guns available today! From magfed tactical markers to high-end tournament electronic guns that cost a thousand dollars or more, it’s hard to pick! What advice would you give to a player looking to make a good decision on a paintball gun? How did you pick out the gun you’re using now and what sold you on it?


    That is kinda a hard question with all the choices. What you need to do is figure out what your budget is. To check out some guns in that price range. Then in that price range, you can choose what one you like the style of and looks of. Then you need to ask yourself what kind of paintball you want to do Tournament, Mag feed, or mechanical all of them have starter guns that are good prices like $100 to a few hundred to really high-end expensive like $1500.00. If you are still confused or overwhelmed the best thing is to go to your local field and rent a gun and check out the store. 


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