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Does it really matter what oil I use?



    How do you clean and lube your paintball gun? Once the games are over and it’s time to get the paint off and maintain your paintball gun so it’s ready to go for next weekend, what do you use to make sure it’s shooting smooth and the o-rings are intact? What would you tell a new player looking to clean their paintball gun and lube it? 


    Yes, I clean mine every time I use it. First, read your manuals to get to know the gun and to see what they recommend. I would every time I play at least take the bolt out to get the old lube, dirt, paint or anything that mad it's way in, then re-lube it. This is when reading the manual will help, some guns use grease and some use oil check the manufacture recommendation. If you don't feel comfortable to do this I would talk to my local fields tech, Join Facebook groups, or Youtube.


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