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How do I get sponsored?


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    This is every airsoft player’s dream; to get free gear and play all the time for free. Everyone thinks that the airsoft celebrities have it easy, and that every company will be climbing over themselves to have you represent them. This could not be any farther from the truth. Getting an airsoft sponsorship requires hard work, dedication and professionalism. Sponsorship is a marketing tool used by companies to promote their products. The sponsorship is a business relationship between the company and the player, in which you receive free or discounted goods and services, and the company gets their products or services actively advertised. Before applying, build your portfolio, whether it is just yourself or for your team. A solid online presence that looks professional goes a long way. Build a solid foundation by starting local. Your local field or store knows you best. If they are not willing to sponsor you or your team, then manufacturers will probably turn you down too. More doesn’t mean better. Do not try and race to get as many sponsors as possible. Start small and focus your efforts into one basket. Build the relationship over time. Loyalty is huge in business and length of time with a sponsor says a lot about you or your team. Finally, do things outside of airsoft. Your actions both on and off the field of play carry a lot of weight, and tells everyone what kind of person or team you are. Be true to yourself and others, and be professional and courteous. Otherwise your sponsors will find out… they always find out.


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