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What airsoft optic should I get?


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    First and foremost, do not buy an airsoft optic online, and expect that you will like it or expect that it will properly attach to your airsoft gun. Now if you already have a preferred optic, by all means find the cheapest online seller that offers your specific optic of choice. You should check out optics at a local store and bring your gun. This will ensure proper fitment and eye placement. Try a zero magnification optic first. These are commonly known as 1x optics, and either come in the form of red dot or reflex sights. They allow for faster target acquisition with both eyes open, which also improves situational awareness of your surrounding environment. And regardless of which optic you end up buying, always buy a lens protector kit. They are inexpensive and typically come with two sacrificial lenses. Better to lose $10 with a sacrificial lens than $30 ~ $50 to replace your optic.


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