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What is the easiest airsoft gun upgrade?


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    The easiest and least invasive upgrade you can do to your airsoft gun is swapping out the inner barrel and hop-up bucking. Most unmodified, stock guns come with a soft bucking and inner barrel diameter of 6.03mm ~ 6.05mm. This normally only involves removing 1-2 pins to remove the slide on a gas pistol, or an upper receiver assembly on an AEG. You will want to ensure that you order the proper length for a precision inner barrel. This is easy to measure once you remove the inner barrel from the gun. All inner barrels are measured in millimeters. An inner barrel with inner diameter of 6.01mm is a good upgrade if you use precision BBs. A tighter bore barrel will improve the accuracy of your shot over distance. Next, you will need to get a stiffer bucking. A 70-degree bucking is a good start. Having a stiffer bucking allows you to use a heavier weight BB, which improves the flight path and back spin to keep your BB flight longer. So for longer and tighter shots, upgrading the inner barrel and bucking is the simplest and least expensive mod you can do.


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