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How do I remove the orange tip?



    First and foremost, all airsoft guns are required to have the tip of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange by Federal Law during the import, sale, or public display. Furthermore, keep in mind that for many companies, removal of the orange tip immediately voids your product warranty. Now, many players would like to mount a new flash hider or mock suppressor on the end of their barrel, which is great for a new look. Most orange tips are super glued with some type of strong bonding agent like red Loctite. The easiest method is to use a proper heat gun (not a hair dryer) to soften the glue. Be sure to use gloves to protect your hands from hot surfaces. Start with a low heat setting and heat the area of the threads for 2~3 minutes. Then try unscrewing the orange tip with a pair of pliers. If the orange tip does not loosen easily, do not force it and raise the temperature of the heat gun slowly.  Keep repeating until the orange tip easily comes off. Then take a wire bristle brush and clean any residual glue off the threads before it cools. This will allow you to easily install any accessory to the front of your barrel.


    You can also check out our tutorial on our YouTube channel! 


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